Dear Bad Homburger, it’s getting fresher outside, so our team has also returned after all the summer activities and we can now do a lot more for our ears. I’m talking about activities for our ears here, because our new podcast series about Bad Homburg will start on November 28th, 2022. We would like to get back to the traditional values ​​that really define and have defined Bad Homburg. Champagne air, spa town, education, hospitality, culture and events. Our good Bad Homburg once became very famous for all these values.

Happy Listeining to our podcast – one time in German (see episode #067 and one time in English – this episode)

Champagne air & tradition

This is Bad Homburg. Our countess from England has ennobled our air: „Air of champaign“ Therefore we have produced an informative audio broadcast that will be published in German and English. All information at a glance – that’s what today’s audio broadcast promises directly from the heart of the Hochtaunuskreis. We’re only going to get rid of a short intro in German here, but more regularly. Listen to this short episode as an appetizer.

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Service phone

We canceled our phone to leave messages. You can still reach us by e-mail or in the comment function!

Jetzt aber reingehört.

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