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#068 Announcing new audio series about Bad Homburg

Dear Bad Homburger, it's getting fresher outside, so our team has also returned after all the summer activities and we can now do a lot more for our ears. I'm talking about activities for our ears here, because our new podcast series about Bad Homburg will start on November 28th, 2022. We would like to get [...]

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„Blühendes Bad Homburg“ – Wettbewerb

Der Titel lautet doch, "Blühendes Bad Homburg" – Wettbewerb für insektenfreundliche Gärten und Balkone. Die Stadt Bad Homburg sucht in einem Wettbewerb insekten- und umweltfreundliche Gärten, Höfe und Balkone. Beginn ist am 1. Juli 2022. Teilnehmen können Bürgerinnen und Bürger bis 21. September 2022. Der Rückgang der Insektenbestände stellt eine große Herausforderung dar. Die fehlende [...]

Neue Serie: Jochen Near Homburg – Vorwort zum persönlichsten Reisebericht

Herzlich willkommen liebe Bad Homburger. Es ist nun länger her, dass wir aus der Kolumne AN American in Homburg berichtet haben. Daher hat sich unser Redaktionsteam zusammen gesetzt und ruft hiermit eine neue Kolumne ins Leben: Die Coronakrise nimmt uns alle mit. Wir brauchen neben den vielen Nachrichten weitere gute Nachrichten. Mit der Serie JOCHEN [...]

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Bad Homburger Sommer – Jugendgerecht? (Kommentar)

Mit einem fulminanten Feuerwerk fand der Bad Homburger Sommer auch dieses Jahr sein Ende. So bleibt jedoch auch zunehmend die gleiche, Jahr für Jahr gestellte Frage zurück: Wird den Bad Homburger Jugendlichen eine ausreichende Plattform in Form von jugendgerechten Events präsentiert, um fernab von Orten wie dem Jubiläumspark am Bad Homburger Nachtleben zu partizipieren? Laut [...]

Better Parade Needed

If you look online for pictures from the Laternenfest Bad Homburg, any year, chances are good that they exclude pictures of the parade. This is for good reason: namely, no one really wants to remember it. Bad Homburg has a lot to offer, but strangely, the parade for the Laternenfest is at best shoddy, and [...]

Happy Palmtree for Kids

Reading a book to a group of kids – especially in this environment, where I am the American in a small German town, reading to a multi-cultural group of kids who are individually bilingual or trilingual – can be challenging. To say that anything goes is an understatement. There is no telling what a child [...]

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Hey Mister, Want To Buy A Historic Landmark?

I come from a young country. America. So when I see a historic landmark was built in the 1700s, it amazes me. Just earlier today, I discovered that in my adoptive town of Bad Homburg, Germany, a special site is currently on the market. I feel both a sense of awe and befuddlement. Somehow, it [...]

Letztes Zusammenkommen der Abiturienten

Das Wochenende in der KW 25 war erneut ein bedeutender Abend für die Abiturienten in Bad Homburg. Zum Einem erhielten sie endlich ihr lang ersehntes Zeugnis bei der akademischen Feier und konnten die Schulzeit noch mit einem großem Fest, dem Abiball, beenden. Bei der akademischen Feier bekamen die Abiturienten ihr hart erarbeitetes Zeugnis in die [...]

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Rund um Bicycles and Omelettes

  In Bad Homburg there is always something to do. Sometimes it is right up my alley (as we say in the States – meaning it’s something that interests me a great deal), and sometimes, when I’m quite lucky, it is literally up my very own street. As is traditional on May 1st, the big [...]

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Spring Cleaning in Homburg

If you live in the center of town, or have visited the area recently, you may have noticed that our quiet little town has been pretty noisy lately. The sound of birds sweetly chirping as the sun rises is now met with the sound of metal beating and burrowing into stone pavers all up and [...]

Coffee and Amerikaner Cookies

  Living in Bad Homburg is easy to do if you can afford it. Once you get here, you can relax and enjoy all the free things this town provides, things like good schools, an excellent public library, beautiful parks, the Louisenstraße and all the window-shopping you can handle. In the warm weather season, we [...]

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A Love Story with Burnt 43a

This town, Bad Homburg, is my town. It’s where I feel at last at home, a foreign emotion for me – a foreigner to this place, I feel adopted. I will to a certain extent always be an outsider, or what Peter Mayle calls a permanent tourist, but Bad Homburg is the town that suits [...]

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